My Son, Ares and I out for a hike.

Hey, I'm Aaron.

Aside from being a Dad, I create cool things with startups such as Wattpad. I’m available as a Product Designer for small and focused ideas.

I’m interested in collaborating with Artists and Devs to create things that inspire people to do good.

You can reach me at (416) 618-2808, Twitter, Dribbble, GitHub, and Rdio,

Things I’ve recently done


What technologies do you use?

I use Yeoman, Sublime, Jquery, and Sass.

Do I prefer to design for a particual platform?

I enjoy designing things for the web.

How much do you charge?


Where am you based?

I'm in Toronto, Canada

Will you out of our office?

I prefer to work remotely. I'm open to special circumstances though.

Are you looking for a full-time job?

Not at the moment. I'm available to work with people who have a clear/focused understanding of what they'd like to build.

What is the best way to contact you?

Email me