The 60 Day Code Challenge

I’m confident in my ability to code using and CSS, but I know better. Being able to code means being able to produce more than a static page. The web is interactive and a lot of interaction is handled using programming, more specifically Javascript.

I intend to “graduate” out of websites and into web apps by challenging myself to complete 60 mini-projects that make use of what CSS3 really can do. Continue reading

Revealing New Opportunities Through Relationships

Getting closer to opportunity can be a delicate process. Done right, it can get you closer to pairing your abilities to appropriate opportunities. Done wrong, can create barriers that can turn a glass ceiling into stone.

This is what works for me.

I started by understanding what I have to offer. This meant creating a list of my abilities, culling that list to about 3-5 items, then preparing myself to be able to speak to each item in depth. Here is my list Continue reading

A Difference between NYC and TO

Today I described what I think is a difference between New York and Toronto. In New York City, it’s easy to blend into a crowd of about 8.5 Million. You can easily grab a drink, sit back, and watch the people go by for long time before you would feel bored. There is just so many people here. Toronto has about 2.5 Million that call it home. It may not be as simple to blend into the crowd here but it’s easier to stand out. I don’t see the difference between the two cities as a good vs. bad thing. It’s just that, a thing.